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Every year on August 26, International Dogs Day is celebrated across the world. It is a day to urge people to adopt dogs instead of buying them from pet stores or shops.

The day is also recognised to celebrate all dogs, irrespective of their shape, size, and breed.

Are you a dog lover? Yesterday was the day we celebrated man’s best friend worldwide. People worldwide, United States, Brazil, France, and other Africa continent, posted pictures of their cute dogs on social media yesterday.

In today’s post, we bring you the details of the International Dogs day celebration, its history, how we celebrate it, and pictures of cute dogs.

Dogs Put Their Best Paw Forward For International Dog Day 2021

History Of International Dogs Day

The history of International Dogs Day dates back to 2004, by animal welfare advocate and pet lifestyle expert Collen Paige.

Collen Paige, a conservationist, dog trainer, and author, decided to celebrate International Dog Day on August 26. It was the first time his family adopted a dog named Sheltie when he was ten years old.

He also founded National Cat Day, National Puppy Day, National Wildlife Day, and National Mutt Day. International Dogs Day has started gaining popularity worldwide and is observed in many countries like Brazil, United States, France, and India.

Best Ways To Celebrate Dogs Day

1.During every International Dog day celebration, most people buy personalised dog T-shirts for themselves and their pets.

2. Others also take their time to treat their dogs differently and support other dogs in need.

3. Another immeasurable way of celebrating International Dog Day is by donating to an animal charity of your own choice.

4. Most people take out their dogs for a morning or an evening walk.

5. Many people in the United States also adopt a dog to Celebrate International Dog day.

Photos Of Dogs In Celebration Of National Dog Day 2021

Below are some cute photos of dogs posted on social media as people celebrated International Dog day yesterday.

Dogs day in Brazil

Dogs day in Brazil

Dogs day in Brazil

National Dog Day 2021

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