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Artificial Intelligence has played a key role in helping us perform various tasks easily with very limited chances of errors. For example, back in the old days, we had to keep bulky paper files and documents to save data. However, things have changed now, thanks to AI. Artificial Intelligence has led to the development of the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) algorithm. As the name suggests, this AI-based algorithm can recognise written characters and convert them to digitally editable text. 

The OCR technology can benefit a wide variety of users. For instance, businesses don’t need to put budget, time, and effort into manual data entry, which may lead to human errors and consequent monetary losses. Now, they can easily use OCR technology and convert data from paper files to digitally editable text. They only need high-resolution pictures of documents and an OCR tool to convert content into editable text.

It is worth mentioning that tools allowing users to convert content from image to editable text are not costly. Many online tools can help average netizens and businesses convert content from image to text with precision. This article discusses three of the best OCR tools that perform their job effectively for different users. Read on to learn more about these highly efficient OCR tools for image to text conversion of valuable content. 

DupliChecker’s Image to Text Converter

DupliChecker is also a popular online platform with hundreds of thousands of monthly active users accessing it to use multiple helpful tools and perform various tasks. The online image to text converter is also one of the best OCR tools you will find on the web. This tool is free, and users can use it to convert unlimited content from image to text online. It ensures 100% accurate photo to text conversion results in a matter of seconds. 

This image to text converter offers multilingual support and allows users to select the language before converting content from image to editable text. A great thing about this OCR tool is its AI-based ability to extract text from low-resolution images accurately. It offers a convenient interface to users and ensures the security of their uploaded data by removing it from the database shortly after picture to text conversion. This tool is also accessible from various devices. 

Image to Text Converter by SmallSEOTools.com

SmallSEOTools.com is a renowned online platform offering multiple useful tools to help netizens accomplish everyday tasks easily. photo to text converter is also one of the tools offered by this platform. The best thing about this tool is its compatibility with various devices. You can access it through smartphones, tablets, and PCs to convert content from image to text without worrying about their operating systems. You only need internet connectivity and a Chromium-based browser to access this tool.

This tool also supports batch image to text conversion by fetching text from three images in one go. Another great thing about this tool is its friendly interface, which makes it usable for various users. It also understands mathematical equations and handwritten notes accurately. 

Additionally, this converter offers multilingual support. Hence, it is a perfect tool for users who can’t speak or understand English. It also supports multiple image formats to help users convert content from image to text file easily.

Image to Text Online Converter by SearchEngineReports.net

As the name suggests, this online platform was initially developed to cater to the requirements of SEO professionals and digital marketers. However, it started offering various helpful for average netizens over time. Now, it offers various tools under its portfolio to help users perform their tasks perfectly. The OCR tool by SearchEngineReports.net is also a great addition to the collection of various useful tools it already offers. This tool comes with an easily understandable interface.

Additionally, users can view its interface in multiple languages. It also offers multilingual support for the image to text conversion process. Users who want to convert image to text online using this tool can access it through various devices. All they need to do is upload an image from their device’s storage or import it from Dropbox to fetch text from it. After doing it, they can select the language and press the convert button to get accurately fetched text from the tool. This tool is free to use.  

Putting it Together

Advanced technologies like AI, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision have worked wonders lately. One of the most groundbreaking innovations based on these technologies is the OCR algorithm, which allows users to convert content from image to text files accurately. However, many people need to be made aware of the best OCR tools that can help them do so without digging holes in their pockets. We have discussed a few best tools to use for image to text conversion with OCR working behind them. Hopefully, this article will help you take advantage of these highly efficient OCR tools in the future. 

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