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You must be familiar with the face and the name Ben Shapiro. But what else do you know about him aside from being a columnist, author, media personality and a social media commentator? What triggered the questions about Ben Shapiro’s wife.

On 10th August 2020, Ben Shapiro sat on his popular show The Ben Shapiro Show to dissect and questioned Cardi B and Meghan Thee Stallion’s new song at the time, WAP which was an acronym for Wet A** P***y.

According to Ben, the song which started by preaching women ‘independence’ is a ‘feminist song’ and if you say otherwise, you’re a misogynists’. He said. This led many Twitter users questioned him about how he treats his wife Mor Shapiro at home.

So to help Cardi B and Meghan Thee Stallion fans as well as our readers know Ben Shapiro’s wife better, we will share some top facts about her.

Wiki of Ben Shapiro’s Wife

Real Name Mor Shapiro Toledano
Date Of Birth1988
Age 35 years
Place of Birth Herzliya, Israel.
Parents Mr. and Mrs. Toledano
EducationUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Religion Orthodox Judaism
Originality Israeli-Morrocan
Ancestry Morroco
Children 4
Spouse Benjamin Aaron Shapiro
Profession Medical Doctor
Weight 62 KG
Height 5’4″
Ben Shapiro's Wife: Facts About Mor Shapiro
Ben Shapiro’s Wife: Mor Shapiro

Mor Toledano who would later become Mor Shapiro was 12 years of age when her parents migrated from Israel America precisely, Sacramento, California. She majored in Psychobiology from University of California where she met her husband Ben Shapiro.

She later studied at David Geffen Medical School to qualify as a Medical Doctor.

Mor and Ben Shapiro met in their university days at the University of California and have been dating through to 2008 when they got married in a very private ceremony in Acre, Israel.

They have 4 children: First daughter, Leyla Elliana Shapiro born on the 28th January 2014, with the follow ups born in 2016, 2018 and the last, May 21st 2023, however, we don’t know the identities of the remaining children as Shapiro doesn’t want his family online. Not even his wife has a social media account.

Ben Shapiro announcing baby number number 4

Facts About Ben Shapiro’s Wife You Don’t Know

  • She is staunch Jewish who believe in womens’ submissiveness.

For surprise of WAP fans who think Ben’s wife should have taken him on for condemning women ‘independence’ Mor Shapiro is a staunch Jewish law believer and she lives by it. Orthodox Judaism is based on gendered understanding of Jewish practice as a teacher, Mor knows how the Jewish law condemn any marriage superiority while abiding by what the law teaches married women: submissiveness.

  • She has never dated outside the religion

Mor Shapiro is unlike other Jewish women who would like bringing a man into the religion by marrying him. She has never dated a non-Jewish, she was always wanted a man who understand the Jewish law and marriage rules just as her as being a Jew goes beyond beliefs but also lifestyle.

  • She Teaches Judaica

Mor is a full embodiment of orthodox Judaism and she understands it wholly. As a fan art and an artist Mor Shapiro once taught Judaica [ Jewish historical literature through arts ] at the University Synagogue Sunday School in Los Angeles.

  • She is talented singer and artist

Mor Shapiro is not only an highly educated doctor and an amazing mother also, she has a very unique and soothing voice. She was an integral part of Accapella group during her medical school days at the David Geffen School of Medicine.

  • She has no image of herself on social media.

In quest to see Mor Shapiro’s images for this particular article, I have realized that the family is a very secluded family with only Ben Shapiro in the limelight. Even [ Ben Shapiro ] doesn’t post his wife and kids on social media.

I have also found Facebook and Instagram official accounts of her but there is no single image of her nor the husband and the children.

  • She supports her husband’s profession

Some of the Tweets directed at Mor in 2020 by Cardi B fans demanded to know why she supports the career a man who doesn’t ‘respect’ women, but obviously, she supports and encourages the husband to keep despite media attacks every time.

As Ben Shapiro’s wife, you can only be strong-headed, as on regular basis, some of the media attacks from your husband will hit you.


  • Who is Abigail Shapiro?

She is the elder sister of Ben Shapiro, she is not the wife of Ben. She is a professional Youtuber and content creator.

  • What is the origin of the name Shapiro?

The name is Shapiro is Yiddish language spoken primarily is Israel and Russia. It is derived from the Medieval names of Speyer, Germany.

  • How many kids does Shapiro have?

Shapiro and his wife Mor Shapiro has 4 children with the newest one in May 2023. They are no identities of them on the internet

  • Where is Mor Shapiro originaly from?

She is from Haifa, Israel but have an African ancestry trace to Morocco.

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