(Watch Video) – What Ghanaian are Saying About Twene Jonas.

“Glass Nkoaa,” “The system is working.” Anytime you hear these words, it means Ghanaian social media journalist, Twene Jonas is back again with swag. For the past weeks, Twene Jonas has been trending on social media since he made a video on the “Galamsey” issues.

Whenever you see a group of youths gathered in Ghana, they’re either talking about Twene Jonas or discussing sports. I’m kidding!

Many Ghanaians are talking about him, including some Chiefs and other citizens in the Ashanti region of Ghana. Some are hurling curses on Twene Jonas, while others too are supporting him.

In a video interview, some Ghanaians are seen airing their views on Twene Jonas and how he’s allegedly insulting people in authority, including the king of the Ashanti Kingdom.

Watch the video below

Over To You – What’s Your Take In Twene Jonas?

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