Top 20 Most Visited Websites In The United States

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I am thrill today to present to you the 20 most visited websites in the United States right on this page.

Imagine the world without the internet today. Think of how awful and boring it will be to use the Nokia 3310 in this 21st century, lol. No iPhone or Android!

However, thanks to the technological advancement in our time, we can connect with billions of people worldwide. Therefore, the internet is a core pillar of the modern information society.

If you’re doing business today, the Internet most likely has become an integral part of your company’s operations. A lot of customers like to buy service, shop, and interact with their companies online.

 Now, the question is, where exactly do people hang out on the Internet? Well, the answer to this query is in this post which you’re about to know it all. 

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For companies to reach their potential customers online, they used a marketing strategy called Digital Marketing. 

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They use the Internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other channels to reach consumers.

In this article, we used the Semrush SEO tool to gather data of the top most visited websites in the United States. Our research found out that Google holds the top ranking of all the traffics in the United States.

You can sign up for a free account on Semrush and do your own research if you doubt some of the data outlined below.

This is because most people in the United States use Google a lot to search for queries online. YouTube is second to Google, followed by Facebook, where most people in the United States interact and socialize with friends worldwide.

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Amazon was ranked fourth on our list, followed by Wikipedia, Yahoo, Pornhub, Reddit, Twitter, and eBay. These are the top most visited websites in the United States, according to Semrush traffic analysis.

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Top 20 Most Visited Websites In The United States

#Domain NameNumber Of Visit
1Google.com18.24 B
2YouTube.com3.97 B
3Facebook.com3.71 B
4Amazon.com3.24 B
5Wikipedia.org3.04 B
6Yahoo.com1.82 B
7Pornhub.com1.24 B
8Reddit.com1.23 B
9Twitter.com921.33 M
10Ebay.com885.64 M
11Instagram.com877.22 M
12Xvideos.com781.08 M
13Cnn.com669.56 M
14Fandom.com649.80 M
15Zoon.us581.33 M
16Walmart.com569.85 M
17Craigslist.org552.85 M
18Weather.com516.10 M
19Espn.com488.80 M
20Xnxx.com488.60 M

As you can see from the table above, the list is dominated by big websites we know already. As Google is our go-to for all answers to our queries, it ranked number one on our list.

YouTube is another search engine for video content where people search for topics and get most of their entertainment.

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Therefore, it ranked second on our list with estimated traffic of 3.97 Billion people from the United States only. Facebook also got 3.71 Billion people from the United States. Wow!

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