Shh! Read This Before Dating These Types Of Ladies In College.

Dating in college is more advanced than the ‘chopbox’love‘ seen in Senior High Schools. In college, relationship and dating isn’t something new in Jerusalem. Most of the people dating in colleges have much experience from their past relationships.

Although most ladies are dating in colleges, but are not sure of what kind of relationship they have. However, in today’s article, I would like to break down the types of dating ladies in colleges are into, so read on. The last one is a bonus.

1. Ladies In a virtual relationship

dating in college

They started from senior high as ‘chop box love’ and are now at the university dating a guy at home. These types of girls are high-time callers; you will see them consistently on a phone call with their boo at home, chatting with their guy on social media, and making a video call. They are too emotional, loving, and cute.

They don’t joke with their late-night calls with their boo, saying flirty words like, “I miss you, baby,” “when are you coming to pay me a visit?” “send me your pics,” “I’m feeling lonely,” etc.

My guy, these types of girls are hard to get in college even though you won’t see them hooking up with other guys. Before you can get her, you would have to learn how to approach her the right way and break what Kwame (a guy at home) has set up in her heart.

2. “Bookworm” Ladies

dating in college

Another serious set of ladies you will find in college dating are those “booklogist.” They are also cute, romantic, and brilliant students you will find in college.

They like guys who are also intelligent and good at mathematics and physics. You won’t see such ladies at clubs or parties, but the library is their hangout.

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If you’re a guy and got a crush on such a girl, you need to take your book, follow her to the library, join her in a group study, assist her in doing her assignment, and teach her maths well. They are fantastic to date in college, but they tend to be too book-long.

3. High Maintenance Ladies

dating in college

I usually call this set of ladies the fashion brands. They are too gorgeous, lovely, cute, and sexy. Every guy on campus wants to date such a girl because of their beauty.

One thing I hate when asking them out is that they can spend hours on their makeup, choose an outfit, and always show off late at every party.

High-maintenance ladies are too perfectionist; they wanted to have every new dress in town to make them look flashy on campus. If you don’t have money to date a high-maintenance lady in college, don’t approach her because you can’t maintain her.

4. Ladies in a polygamous relationship

dating in college

These ladies are the high-time players dating in college. Ladies in a polygamous relationship have multiple partners. One guy is not enough for them and would change guys like bathroom slippers.

They will sometimes let you know that they have another guy, and others will try to conceal it. Although they are lovely, sexy, beautiful, and good players in bed, giving your heart to such girls will be like ‘Nana Ama and Sammy’s case’.

5. Ladies in a faithful relationship

dating in college

They are hard to get, but they hate cheaters. You will find such girls dating in college sticking to one guy and not like the polygamous ones. For such groups, one relationship is ok for them.

They love a guy with all their hearts and will not take advice when it will go against their relationship. They are hard to give their contact to the opposite sex because they always wanted to be faithful to their partners.

Dating such a girl is cool, but they get suspicious when you hang out with other girls and when she finds out that you’re cheating on her, counts the relationship dead.

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6. Ladies in couple kind of relationship (Experienced ones)

dating in college

I assume you have noticed some of these types of dating in your college. They are called the lover birds. You will see them with their partners holding hands on campus, studying together, eating together, and wearing the same branded t-shirt.

They are romantic, lovely, cute, and sexy but are too love-conscious. When you tend to date such a girl in college, she won’t even give you space or time. Either she will frequently call to check up on you or pay prompt visiting.

Some of them go to the extent of packing their things from their hostels to stay in a guy’s house and perform every duty a married woman should do, such as cooking, washing, cleaning, and having sex.

One fact about guys ladies don’t recognize is that they like girls who give them space to miss them. Therefore those in couples dating in college usually end up in tears, depressions, pains, and broken-hearted.

7. Ladies in friend with benefit relationship

dating in college

We called these types of ladies seasonal dealers. “A friends with benefits relationship is one in which two people are physically intimate with one another, yet they’re not committed to each other in any way.

People involved in a friend with benefits relationship enjoy spending time together and hooking up, but their relationship isn’t romantic and has no strings attached”, according to brides.

They are lovely and sexy; everyone likes them. It’s not easy to get such girls dating in college unless they realize you can satisfy their wants. Some of them will hang out with the ‘wealthiest‘ guy on campus just for the money and other benefits she will receive.

Most girls in this group are too lazy to study and get attached to either the brilliant guy in class or even go on to date lectures for better grades.

8. The perfect catch

daating inn college

After dating all those polygamous and friends with benefits, there you will find your perfect match. They are excellent in everything; calm, beautiful, sexy, romantic and will always motivate you to live the best life.

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These type of ladies in college dating knows the keys to a man’s heart and always trigger a guy to miss them. It is challenging to cheat on such a girl. The perfect catch ladies dating in college are difficult to get. They don’t accept relationship offers quickly and will turn most guys down when trying to woo them.

These are those who will tell you, “I just want us to be friends”, “I see you as my big brother”, etc. They are nice to everyone and best friends ever! I’m dating such a girl, and I like the intimacy.


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