10 Romantic National Ex Girlfriend Day Quotes For Her


National Ex Girlfriend Day Quotes | Ways To Text Your Ex Girfriend On National Ex-girfriend’s day 2022

The purpose of a breakup is to move on to embrace a new chapter of life. Therefore, National Ex Girlfriend Day is all about reflecting on the past.

Even marriages don’t always work out, and some couples find they are better off as friends. Unfortunately, when some marriages end in divorce, the ex-spouses become furious at one another.

We don’t know the reason you broke up with your girlfriend, whether the relationship ended on good terms or you still hold some ill will towards your ex girlfriend, but, this National Ex Girlfriend Day is the day to reflect on the person who once held your heart.

Kindly use one of these National Ex Girlfriend Day quotes in this post to wish her on this occasion. Always remember the saying that, “To err is human, to forgive is divine.”

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10 National Ex Girlfriend Day Quotes & Sayings


1. โ€œOne day your kids will ask you โ€˜What is love?โ€™ And you will look at your spouse and remember your ex.โ€ โ€• Nitya Prakash

2. Wishing a very Happy National Ex-Girlfriend Day to you my dear. Though we are not together anymore but we know that we both are much better when we are apart.

3. On the occasion of Ex Girlfriend Day, I take this opportunity to tell you that you are a wonderful person but somehow we were not meant to be together.


4. When things are not heading in the right direction, it is better to separate our ways. A very Happy Ex-Girlfriend Day to you my dear. I am happy we took this decision.

5. I would have never preferred to stay together and hate you. And I am happy that we have parted ways and we still like each other. Happy National Ex Girlfriend Day.

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6. Wishing a very Happy National Ex Girlfriend Day to you. On this special day, let us promise to stay connected as friends, for we have shared a lot in life together.

7. There is no rule that we cannot have a smooth and mature relationship after we’ve part ways. Wishing a very Happy Ex Girlfriend Day to you.

8. Happy Ex Girlfriend Day to you. This is strange that we are celebrating this day but it is also good that we are coming together to celebrate a different stage of our relationship.

9. On the occasion of National Ex Girlfriend Day, I wish that you find someone better to spend your life with, someone with whom your wavelength will match for good.

10. I still love my former girlfriend, I wonโ€™t call her my ex-girlfriendโ€ โ€• Gideon Success

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