Meet Comfort (Video) | The Lady Who Directed Traffic At Kumasi – Accra Highway

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A young lady who sells sachet water directing traffic around the Kumasi – Accra Highway gambled her life to conduct traffic after the outage in Kumasi. A social media trend video shows how a young lady called Comfort, who sells sachet (Pure) water was actively signaling traffics on the Kumasi – Accra highway due to power outage which caused traffic lights out.

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Comfort, the ‘pure water’ seller, saw the terrific traffic and decided to help conduct while there was no MTTD officer at that front to direct traffics at the moment.

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As some Ghanaians say it was unlawful art done by the ‘pure water’ seller, others too are commemorating her for her outstanding efforts to reduce the cause of an accident at that time.

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Mcee Lentoo wrote a post on his timeline to sponsor the lady in a beauty school to build a career and become a successful entrepreneur.

“I just made a call to Nhyira 104.5 FM to ask this beautiful lady if she’s interested in enrolling in Celebrities TOUCH Beauty school. We will train her in Hair Dressing, make-up, pedicure/manicure, and Nails within one year for free. Hope Nana Jantuah will table this offer before her. Her tools to start her own shop will also be provided at the end of the training.”

a young lady who sells sachet (pure) water direct traffics

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