Lily Sastry [Lily Atkinson] – Bio, Age, Career & Relation To Rowan Sebastian Atkinson

Lily Sastry is the daughter of the famous comedian and actor Rowan Atkinson, popularly known as Mr. Bean. We have everything you need to know about Lily Sastry, also named Lily Atkinson. In this post, you will discover the age, early life, parents, and what Lily Sastry does for a living. Read on, and kindly share this post on social media.

Who Is Lily Sastry?

Lily Sastry, also known as Lily Atkinson, is the daughter of the renowned American comedian Rowan Atkinson best known as Mr. Bean. Lily Sastry is a successful artist in her own right and is best recognized for performance singing and burlesque dancing.

Lily Sastry first appeared in the entertainment industry in the 2004 Children’s movie “Tooth” when she was only a child.

After that, she was seen along with her father in ‘Mr. Bean’s Holiday’ and ‘Johnny English Reborn.’ Despite an early start, she decided to take the odd path and learn cabaret.

“This is my first cabaret show,” Lily informed the crowd. I’m extremely delighted since this is the first time I’ve been dressed this small.”

Lily Sastry enjoys music and is a member of a band. “Vocally, I am better than I have ever been; physically, psychologically — it’s the hardest I have ever worked on a gig,” she said in an interview on her career.

She had wanted to become a writer, but she started writing songs at the age of 14 – 15.

“I’d always been a writer, but it wasn’t until I was 14/15 that I began writing music seriously. I was always challenging myself by creating stories and poetry and coming up with tunes. Of course, as a singer and performer, I knew exactly what I wanted to accomplish right away.”

Lily Sastry loves singing and has often recorded her songs and show and uploaded them on SoundCloud. Currently, she performs both as a dancer and singer and has earned favorable reviews for her performances by the media.

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Full nameLyly Sastry
Also Known AsLily Atkinson
Date Of BirthJuly 11, 1995
Age26 Years (Will turn 27 this year)
Height1.63m (5 feet 4 inches)
ParentsFather: Rowan Atkinson | Mother: Sunetra Sastry
ProfessionSinger, Songwriter, Dancer, & Actor

How Old Is Lily Sastry?

Born on July 11, 1995, Lily Sastry’s age is 26 years today. She was born and brought up in London, England. Lily will celebrate her birthday this year on July 11, 2022, when she turns 27.

Lily Sastry Early Life & Bio

On July 11, 1995, Lily Sastry was born to the renowned actor Rowan Atkinson popularly known as Mr. Bean, and the makeup artist Sunetra Sastry.

She has an older brother, Benjamin Atkinson. Lily decided to use her mother’s surname after her parents divorced, and it was revealed that Rowan Atkinson started dating someone much younger.

Lily Sastry has kept her relationship life secret from the media. It is not known whether she is in a relationship with someone. But we will update our post whenever we spot any hint about her relationship news across the media. Apart from her work, Lily loves to listen to music, mainly R&B and pop, and watch dance performances.

Lily Sastry is British by Nationality and English by ethnicity. She comes from mixed ancestry as her mother is an Indian and her father is British. She practices Christianity as a religion.

She moved a lot when she was young owing to her parent’s profession, and there aren’t any specific details available about her educational qualifications. Still, it is believed that she was at one point at a boarding school in Oundle.

What Does Lily Sastry Do For A Living?

Lily Sastry

Lily Sastry entered into the show business at a very young age. She played the character of the ‘New Recruit’ in the children’s movie, ‘Tooth,’ in 2004. After that, she made swift appearances in the movies ‘Mr. Bean’s Holiday’ (2007) and ‘Johnny English Reborn’ (2011) shared the screen with her famous father.

Lily wanted to become a performance artist despite an early start in the movies. She loved singing and often wrote her own songs and created melodies. Eventually, backed by her father, Lily Sastry recorded these songs with a studio and uploaded them on SoundCloud. At the same time, she started learning cabaret.

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After her initiation into cabaret, Lily decided to start performing at big venues. She first chose The Pheasantry, a famous club in London, and tickets to her one-woman show were sold out.

Her burlesque performance enticed many promising reviews from critics, and she soon became a successful performer.

She was next seen with her two-night show at the West End, where she performed her sketch along with a live band. This, too, became a significant success. She repeated the same performance at the famous St. James Theatre in London.

Critics noted her sultry jazz performances as ‘fresh’ and ‘powerful.’ Lily Sastry hasn’t had to look back since then. She currently continues to host her performances around the country.

Like many other millennials, Lily Sastry was a regular user of Instagram and often uploaded photographs. However, she decided to pursue a digital detox after her parents divorced and have deactivated her Instagram account. Her Twitter account, too, remains sparsely used, and she remains reserved about her private life as well.

Is Lily Atkinson Related To Rowan Atkinson?

Is Lily Atkinson Related To Rowan Atkinson?

Actor Rowan Atkinson tied the knot with Sunetra Sastry in February 1990. The duo shares two children, Lily Sastry and Benjamin Atkinson. Rowan and Sunetra first met each other in the later 1980s, when Sastry worked as a makeup artist, as per Stanford Arts Review. The duo separated back in 2014.

Lily and her father Rowan’s relation became a massive topic of discussion when her parents got divorced. Lily Sastry reportedly deleted two years’ worth of images from her Instagram account. Currently, Rowan is in a relationship with comedian Louise Ford, who has also given birth to Rowan’s third child in 2017.

Who Is Lily Sastry Mother?

lily Sastry Parents

Sunetra Sastry is the mother of Lily Sastry. Rowan Atkinson married Sunetra Sastry in February 1990. The duo first met in the late 1980s, when she was working as a makeup artist with the BBC. They separated in 2014 and were divorced on 10 November 2015. The family lived in Apethorpe, Northamptonshire.

FAQs About Lily Sastry

How old is Lily Sastry?

Born on July 11, 1995, Lily Sastry is 26 years old. She will turn 27 on July 11, 2022.

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Who is Rowan’s daughter?

Rowan Atkinson’s daughter is a cabaret singer, Lily Sastry. Lily is his second child born to his former wife, Sunetra Sastry.

Is Fabiola Baglieri Mr Beans daughter?

No, Fabiola Baglieri is not Mr. Bean’s daughter, and she only portrays his daughter’s character for her TikTok videos.

Why did Lily Sastry change her name?

Lily changed her surname sometime after her parent’s divorce. But she hasn’t disclosed the reasons behind it to the media. After her father announced the birth of his third baby from his relationship with a woman, whom he had allegedly been cheating with while being married to Lily’s mother.


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