I Quit My Job To Start A Pig Farming Business-Nana Pomah Antipem

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Why should you quit your high-paying job to start a pig farming business? This article is about a 35 years graduate who quit her job to be an entrepreneur. Nana Pomah Antipem, 35 years old, is a paramedic and Emergency Care graduate who lives in Morso in the Asante Akim South District.

Her desire to start a pig farming business after working with the National Ambulance Service as an emergency medical technician has got our attention. And with much pleasure wanted to motivate you to take a step of becoming an entrepreneur.

The Story Of A Gradute Who Started A Pig Farming Business In Ghana

You may ask, “was she not comfortable with the salary?” According to her, the salary she earns from the National Ambulance Service was quiet enough to afford her needs, but the urge to be an entrepreneur was consuming her heart.

“I have always wanted to be a farmer, and because it is labor-intensive, that’s why I quit my job,”

As the saying goes, “a journey of a thousand miles always begins with one step.” Nana Pomah Antipem decided to pursue her dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur and create an opportunities for people around her.

She bought two pigs for 500 Ghana cedis each for her startup business.

“I started with two pigs and got support from the national entrepreneurship initiative plan (NEIP) to expand it,” she said.

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 how she started a pig farming business in Ghana

She was very eager to start her business from scratch and become very successful in life. Starting a business requires determination and a pang of hunger. If you’re not hungry for what you want to achieve, you’ll never be satisfied.

At times, fears prevent a person from chasing after his dreams; we are always concerned with the biggest IF in our lives.

What ‘IF‘ I fail?

What ‘IF‘ I burn all my money?

What ‘IF‘ I lose my job?

I always tell people that, at times, you have to be uncertain about your plans. It’s not every time that your goals will exceed your expectations. Nana Pomah Antipem stood up against her biggest fears and excuses of not getting started, and now her farming business has become successful.

However, two years after her journey, Nana Pomah Antipem encountered the most dreadful thing of her life. She spotted that 202 of her farm animals had been poisoned, according to a veterinarian report from the Asante Akim South District after postmortem. Every successful trip has a setback, and that’s why you don’t have to give up on your dreams.

Nana Pomah Antipem said after she saw what her naysayers did to her, “When I discovered the source of the poison, I became even more strengthened.”

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She realized that most successful entrepreneurs also failed countless times before they eventually succeeded. So she decided to do more exploit to make her dream come true. “In the next one year, I am expecting not less than 100 thousand cedis profit,” she says.

Now Its Your Turn

The most common characteristic of an entrepreneur is to visualize their plans and make a step to make them become a reality. You have to make the first step to visualize your goals and learn from successful people in your niche.

You can learn more by reading books, attending a seminar or conferences and buying a course.

Nana Pomaa said she had always wanted to be a farmer, and that was her desire. You too, what do you aim to be? Whom do you want to become?

A quote by Steve Maraboli will help you even better, “Cemeteries are full of unfulfilled dreams… countless echoes of ‘could have’ and ‘should have ‘… countless books unwritten… countless songs unsung… I want to live my life in such a way that when my body is laid to rest, it will be a well-needed rest from a life well-lived, a song well sung, a book well written, opportunities well explored, and a love well expressed.”

I want you to start something. Start chasing your dreams and you will never regret it!

Credit: Mahmud Mohammed-Nurudeen

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