Man Says Height Difference With 6ft 3in Girlfriend Doesn’t Bother Him

A man who is towered over by his 6ft 3in girlfriend isn’t bothered by the height difference.

Nick Cole stands at a perfect 5ft 11in, but his other half Lizzy Groombridge is 10cm taller – which of course, flips the usual boyfriend-girlfriend height difference paradigm on its head.

height difference, does height matter in a relationship. Lizzylonglegs

Indeed, Lizzy’s height has brought her online fame. ‘Lizzy Long Legs’ has racked 127,000 followers on TikTok.

Nick isn’t concerned about leaning upwards for smooches, though, and while he initially felt ‘insecure or paranoid’ about Lizzy’s social media stardom, he now sees it positively.

He said: “I’m proud of the beautiful, confident girl she’s blossomed into. Some people expect me to be insecure or paranoid by the attention she attracts online, but I see it positively because she’s mine.

“She empowers other people, embraces who she is and makes a living in maybe an unconventional way but a beneficial way, and nothing means more to her than providing for her children.”
“She’s an amazing mum and girlfriend. The height difference, though noticeable, never bothers me as she’s unique, and I love that.”

“She’s come a long way in a few years and is proof you can rise from the bottom and find yourself even when you feel lost.”

It took Lizzy a long time to accept who she was. Finally, Lizzy, from Camborne, Cornwall, said: “When you’re so tall, you stand out all the time and sometimes I can’t even fit through doors without ducking.”

“In school, people would call me beanpole or skinny, which made me embarrassed and shy.”

“I used to avoid wearing heels because a lot of my friends are only around 5ft 3in, and with my boyfriend, the height difference was a bit uncomfortable at first, too.”

She continued: “He had never had a taller girlfriend before, and stereotypically the man is supposed to be the taller one, so it used to make me feel quite embarrassed and silly.”

“But we don’t mind the height difference anymore, and he likes when I wear heels – people will comment about how much taller I am, but it doesn’t bother us.”

The mum-of-three took time off from her old job in care to focus on raising her kids – during this period, her social media accounts took off.

She explained: “I make good money through social media thanks to my height – I get paid for my Instagram posts and TikTok videos and even get video requests like standing in a doorway.

“In my old job in care, working part-time because of my children, I used to earn £600 a month – so I’m making almost ten times as much now from home.

“It’s crazy, but there’s a massive market for really tall girls.”

Source: LadBible


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