Efia Odo Reportedly Released From Police Custody

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The Police have released Actress Efia Odo after she was arrested on Friday afternoon.

She was released at about 4:50 PM Friday, June 25.
The Police arrested Efia Odo and the other leaders of the #FixTheCountry campaign after a court hearing on whether or not they should be allowed to organize their demonstration.

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In a tweet after her release, she said: “Little bruises on the way to fix the country.”

“I was inside the courtroom, and the judge called for a recess that we should come back at 1:30 to get our final verdict. So, as I came outside, obviously, many campaigners were out to support and wanted to take pictures.

“I am a public figure, and they wanted to show their support. So a lot of commotion was going on, and all of a sudden we see Police come with their guns as if we were criminals and they just aggressively pulled us in,” she further told journalists.

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The reasons behind the arrest are currently unknown, according to a report on TV3 Ghana.

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