Divorce Rate In Ghana: Read This Before You Marry

Causes of divorce rate in Ghana especially among the youths ( early birds in marriage ).

Although the divorce rate in Ghana has decreased because of the pandemic, people have started working on their relationships. However, knowing the causes of divorce will help you get a clear insight when you’re yet to test the water, or you are swimming in it. Knowing this will help you save your marriage from divorce and build intimacy in your relationship.

If we were to permit a change over in marriages these days, you’d notice how people will leave their marriages without returning. Almost 30% of people are in marriages they don’t like. Some of them, society, and family members urged them to marry. And this is the reason why the divorce rate in Ghana is peaking.

In an interview, Nigerian legendry actor Pete Edochie highlights some of the reasons for our system’s high divorce rate.

“A lot of you run out of your husband’s houses …what is the excuse? He was cheating on me! Solomon had 1000 wives and 700 concubines. If your husband is cheating on you and now decides to take many more wives, what will you do? Nothing! Nothing!

If you think your husband leaves the house and says he is going on a tour and will have an affair outside, put a packet of condoms in his bag. When he sees it, psychologically, he will think this woman has my interest at heart. If he intends to stray, he’ll pull himself together.

But you women are not even creative. You want to be like white women who keep on divorcing and remarrying. It doesn’t suit us. It doesn’t go down well with us. No!” he stated.

Making an accent about his family life, the actor said her mother wasn’t into his father because she was not yet ready for marriage at that time.

My mother was not educated. She was not in love with my father. My father was almost 40 when his uncle told him it was time he got married. He told them to get a wife for him.

My uncle went out to a neighboring village and told them the teacher wanted to get married. The women came out. He looked around and picked one, and that was it.

He brought this 15-year-old who didn’t dare to look at my father. She gave him ten children, and she was still shy. Seven boys and three girls,” he confessed.

What causes the divorce rate in Ghana?

Below are the factors that may contribute to the divorce rate in Ghana:

Money Issues ( Sika S3m oo )

I tell you, love alone will not make a happy marriage. Money is the backbone of every successful marriage – speaking from experience. If you don’t have a financial backup plan for your marriage, you will fight over even minor issues and bring a divorce.

According to Forbes, making financial mistakes can be disturbing to couples. If one person is a spender and another a saver, tensions can arise when determining where your paychecks should go. It’s necessary to find a way to complement each other to live a better life together.

Getting Married Too Young

Getting married at your young age is very sentimental. However, marriages built on fairytale promises begin to founder when reality comes into view.
As an ironic matrimonial lawyer once stated, “The church tells them marriages are made in heaven, but so are thunder and lightning,”


There are so many factors that cause infidelity in marriages, and not only does cheating brings divorce. Lack of affection, loss of caring for each other, unaddressed marital problems, and addiction, including sex addiction, contribute to infidelity.

Lack of commitment

The lack of commitment to work on a relationship will eventually lead to divorce. Marriage is a work for two, and if only one spouse does it, it will not work. Lack of commitment in marriage will lead to infidelity. Lack of commitment in marriage will lead to infidelity. A person who doesn’t feel the burden of committing to their vows will be sensitive to different types of temptations which will sometimes lead to a divorce.

Lack of family support

According to research, when a husband reported having a close relationship with his wife’s parents, the couple’s risk of divorce decreased by 20 percent. However, a wife having a close connection with her husband’s family doubled the risk of divorce. According to the study’s researcher, psychologist, and professor Terri Orbuch, “Wives should maintain boundaries with their in-laws, and husbands should remember to take care of their in-laws and treat them as important.”

Let’s help reduce the divorce rate in Ghana.

These are the factors that constitute to divorce rate in Ghana. Adjust your relationship and learn how to make your marriage works better whether you’ve married or planning to get married sooner.

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