(Throw Back) 7 Songs By Daasebre Gyamena That We Can’t Just Stop Jamming To

Throwback Thursday on Ghanaian high-life music, banging you with 7 songs from the late Daasebre Gyamena to thrill you throughout the week.

Daasebre Kojo Gyamenah is a highlife musician from Ghana who became very popular for his debut hit ‘Kokooko’ released in 1999, which featured Lord Kenya.

This song was the first significant fusion of hiplife and highlife in Ghana and meant a successful career for both musicians.

The highlife singer, Daasebre “Ahoofe” Gyamenah, was a name his fans gave him after releasing his hit song, “Ahoofe,” which means beautiful or handsome.

We can’t keep these 7 songs out of our heads, and we want to share them with you. Enjoy!

1. Daasebre Gyamenah Song-Wo Da Enda

“Wo da enda” translates to (You can’t sleep), is a romantic song to listen to whenever you miss your partner. It is a dedication to those in a long-distance relationship.

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If you’re missing your partner badly this week, don’t worry. Tune in to this romantic song by Daasebre Gyamena, the music man, as you reminiscing about all the best times you had with your partner to get connected.

2. Daasebre Gyamenah Song -Woso

And here comes another banger from the late Daasebre Gyamena, a song titled “Wo So” which depicts how a person suddenly changes.

In this song, Daasebre Gyamena expresses his feelings of giving up in a toxic relationship. “I have given you my all, and now you’re treating me like a rag.”

Have you ever found yourself in such a relationship before? The lyric of the song is very inspirational.

3. Daasebre Gyamenah – Yegye Apem

Yegye Apem is one of my favorite Daasebre Gyamena songs I can’t stop listening to. Daasebre Gyamena talks about trust in a relationship in this song, especially when someone says, “I Love You.”

Does the person demonstrate what he said? Although it is an old-time song, the lyrics still have a message to tell our generation.

4. Daasebre Gyamenah Song-Abofra Besu

“Abofra Besu” also taunts how a sugar daddy will be following a young lady on the street meanwhile his child is at home crying.

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Daasebra Gyamena is, in fact, one of the best High-life musicians best known for his educative lyrical messages. You know what, tune in your device’s volume and boogie around the living room with this song if you want to reduce stress.

5. Daasebre Gyamenah – In Bed (Dabia Anopa)

“In Bed” by Daasebra Gyamena is a sad lobe song where he tells how a woman will start losing interest in you or a relationship. He said, “No one will ever marry his enemy.”

First love is always friendly and romantic, but sometimes, most people, when they step into the journey of marriage, they try to give up and forget how they started.

Strem this song by Daasebre Gyamena and pay close attention to its lyrics as you nod your head along.

6. Daasebra Gyamena Song-Picture Against the Wall

“I remember the last moment we shared love.”

Disclaimer: If you’re single, don’t listen to this Daasebre Gyamena song because it will make you fall in love with yourself. Everyone has a love story to share, and I would like to read yours in the comment section below. 

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Daasebre tells his love story in this song as he stated, “I will paste your picture against the wall and KISS it every day.” I don’t know whether he did that or not. But I think this song is a romantic banger to listen to for the week.

7. Daasebre Gyamenah – Kokooko

Kokooko was the first significant merging of hiplife and highlife in Ghana. He released an album in the late 80s with no success.

Kokooko made Daasebre Gyamena and Lord Kenya, who featured him, gain massive success in Ghana and among Ghanaians outside.

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