Chrissy Teigen Calls Out Celebs Sending ‘Desperate’ Videos On Dating Apps

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Chrissy Teigen has given her two cents on recent controversies involving male celebs sending videos to women they’ve matched with on dating sites, calling those involved ‘desperate.’

Teigen took to Twitter after incidents involving Ben Affleck and Matthew Perry went viral, with the two exposed as having contacted much younger women they had matched with on the exclusive private dating app Raya.

‘I agree celebs shouldn’t be making these creepy, desperate video replies on Raya,’ Teigen posted. However, she also had words for the women who released the videos, adding that it was ‘tacky to release private messages.’

‘Ya both wrong, congrats,’ was the final verdict from the Chrissy’s Court host.

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This whole saga kicked off a couple of days ago when author and actor Nivine Jay posted a TikTok video explaining her bizarre encounter with Ben Affleck.

Jay said that she had matched with a profile claiming to be the Batman star on Raya but immediately unmatched him, saying she ‘thought it was fake.’ But in a surprise twist, she claimed that Affleck later popped up unannounced in her Instagram DMs, sending her a video message asking why she had unmatched her.

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Jay’s post has since seen a fair bit of backlash, with people accusing Affleck of being a creep. The author later took to social media to clear up her feelings.

Another Raya-based incident came to light yesterday when another TikTok user revealed she’d matched with Friends star Matthew Perry on the site when she was just 19.

 A since-deleted clip posted by Kate Haralson shows the two video-chatting on FaceTime, with 51-year old Perry joking, ‘am I as old as your dad?’

Chrissy Teigen’s reaction to the Raya saga seems to mirror how most people feel about the incidents, which goes to show that celebs on dating sites can be just as cringe-worthy as the rest of us..’

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