You Have To Be Very Careful – Kennedy Agyapong Fires 🔥 Twene Jonas

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong is a politician and successful entrepreneur in Ghana. In a video cited by youth4success, the Mp for Assin Central, Hon Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, praised Twene Jonas for his social media broadcasting.

He supports him for the galamsey matters and other scandals in Ghana, but he thinks Twene Jonas should be open with his judgment.

“I support him partially, but he should also come up with the truth,” said Hon. Kenedy Agyapong.

He says that Twene Jonas should cease from hurling insult on leaders and elders in authority because it is not only Ghana with negative reviews as he claimed, but also in the United States.

Therefore, Twene Jonas should stop taking videos of “Glass Nkoaa” and post pictures of people lying on the street and even eating from the garbage in the United States.

“Jonas is painting a picture to Ghanaians that there is no poverty in the US, but that is not the case because there are a lot of things he needs to show.”

He warned Twene Jonas to be very careful in his reporting and let Ghanaians know the other side of people living in the United States.

He also gave occurrences where he saw a man Urinating openly in a busy street when in the US and wondering if Twene Jonas hadn’t seen that one to talk about it.

Not only that, but “Some people in America also beg for money to eat,” so Twene Jonas should balance his reporting.

“You see, we cannot disgrace our country that it is the worst. It’s not true!,” said Hon. Kennedy Agyapong.

Watch the video below to hear more about what Hon. Kennedy Agyapong throws at Twene Jonas.

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