Steps To Apply For MTN Ghana Bright Scholarship Application

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Are you a brilliant fresh senior high school graduate or continuing university student pursuing your first degree in any tertiary institution in Ghana? Are you struggling financially to pay your school fees, about accommodation and provisions of other learning materials? Do you feel like giving up on your career since help is not coming from anywhere?

If your answers are YES to all these questions, then look no further, babe! I have exciting news from the MTN Bright Scholarship Foundation to help you pursue your dream. Are you excited now? Remove yourself from any distractions as you read this whole article.

What is the MTN Ghana Bright Scholarship Foundation?

The MTN Ghana Bright Scholarship is an initiative established by members of the Corporate Social Investment and the MTN Group.

Their main aim is to support Ghanaian youths who intend to pursue any career courses at different education levels through what is known as the Bright scholarship scheme.

Indeed, this is not the first time MTN helps people through scholarship programs. For the past two decades now, MTN Ghana has presented 1000s of sponsorship programs to exemplary people across the African continent. Ā 

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The MTN Scholarship Foundation is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) control structure for the MTN Groupā€™s associated initiatives across its 22 operations.

The Scholarship is purposely for year one undergraduate student and continuing university students in Ghana pursuing any desired course.

However, this offer is strictly for only Ghanaians and open to students from any of the 16 regions of Ghana.

What will you get from the MTN Ghana Bright Scholarship?

No one should have their education limited due to a lack of money. Wondering how you can pursue your career in a tertiary institution? Worry no more! MTN Ghana provides a scholarship program to:

  1. Meet the cost of your Tuition.
  2. Provide accommodation aid.
  3.  Fund for books and other relevant reading materials.

Application requirement for the scholarship

Below are the creteria you should obey to win the MTN Bright Scholarship Foundation:

  •  Obligation to be a citizĀ­en of GhanaĀ­
  • Must have excellent academic results to prove your worth.
  • Continuing students and first-year students in any accredited public tertiary institution in Ghana who meet all criteria may apply.
  • ProviĀ­de a one-page letter of motivation indicating why MTN FoundĀ­ation shoulĀ­d award you a scholĀ­arshiĀ­p for your education, including what your educaĀ­tionaĀ­l and profeĀ­ssionĀ­al goals are.
  • AttacĀ­h your WASSCE results, admisĀ­sion letteĀ­rs and writtĀ­en TestiĀ­moniaĀ­ls from your Senior High School. Always make sure all your documents are valid.
  • You must provide valid contact details (Phone number/E-mail address).
  •  Shortlisted appliĀ­cants will be notifĀ­ied and invitĀ­ed to meet the scholarship panel.
  • Do not apply for the MTN Bright Scholarship if you access to any other scholarship scheme.
  • Priority will be given to applicants pursuing courses in ICT, Computer Science, and Engineering. WOMEN and PERSONS with feebleness are especially encouraged to apply.
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Scholarship application requirements for undergraduate students

Interested applicants in the first year of any public tertiary institution in Ghana should have at least a credit passes in six (6) subjects with an overall aggregate of 24 at the WASSCE/SSSCE.

The six (6) subjects should be at least a credit passes of the three core subjects: English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science or Social Studies, and any appropriate elective subjects.
For the sake of the MTN Bright Scholarship, credit passes in:
i. WASSCE means A1 ā€“ C6
ii. SSSCE means A ā€“ D

For continuing university students in Ghana

Don’t beat your chest if you have moved to the university as a fresh student. The offer is not too late for you to apply, but you need to fall under the following criteria. 

  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Involved in extra-curricular activities
  • Prove to be without any academic disciplinary issue and must not be serving a bond to be of good behavior

Steps to apply for the MTN Bright Scholarship Foundation

Below are the steps to apply for the MTN Bright scholarship and get approved fast:

  1. Open on your web browser.
  2. Click on Apply Now to proceed to the registration process.
  3. Fill in your personal information by completing the first phase of the application process. Provide accurate details about yourself.
  4. Click on Next to fill in your guardian’s information and continue to the following form.
  5. Put in the name of your tertiary institution and your program name.
  6. Click on the scholarship type and select Bright Scholarship from the list.
  7. Click next to continue.
  8. Upload any supporting documents ( a copy of your WASSCE/SSCE results, admission letter, and testimonials) to win this outstanding scholarship. 
  9. Enter the capture code and submit your application.
  10. The appropriate office will look at your scholarship application and judge whether you deserve to be awarded or revoked. Watch out for an SMS notification or email alert to know your final status.
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