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Youths 4 Success as in (Youths For Success), founded in 2020, has become the fastest-growing personal finance blog for college students, single moms, teenagers, hustlers, etc. Many college and high school youths visit our blog daily for the best tips and reliable articles.

We founded Youths 4 Success in response to the rising costs of living in Ghana and the cost of higher education today, especially for the youths hustling on the street. That’s when we decided to help college students get the best possible ways to make extra money on the side without getting a student loan.

And thankfully, Youths 4 Success has helped many college students make the right financial decision since 2020. We educate our readers on how to hustle, build, grind, and establish an empire that will grow to six figures monthly.

The topics we discuss here are not something you learn in school. We put a lot of effort into creating content that will help graduates and students from diverse backgrounds.

This distinguishes Youths 4 Success from several other personal finance websites available.

Why Youths 4 Success?

Hi, I’m Gideon, the creator of Youths 4 Success and the co-founder of Streetwayz.com.

My passion and aim are to open up financial independence to everyone.

More than 1 million people visit Youths 4 Success every year to discover how to make money online, get the best business ideas, learn about affiliate marketing, invest money wisely, follow our career tips, and retire early.

I’ve been featured in many publications, including ICT Catalogue.com, Techlocust.com, Abeiku.net, Inuidea.com, and many more. 

My passion is bringing people together and assisting as many individuals as possible in making better financial decisions, establishing wealthy businesses, achieving financial independence, and living successful lives.

The Story Of How I Started Youths 4 Success

I Lost My Job During The Covid-19 Time. I Never Prepared For That Hit. So I Was Unemployed, Living At Home With My Parents, And Had Only $10 Left In My Bank Account.

I desired to move into my apartment, begin saving money, and gather enough cash to have an incredible lifestyle.

In addition, I wanted to reach the point as soon as possible where hard working wasn’t required so that I could purchase a house, pay for a wedding, have kids, and put them through college.

I have to look for another job. So invested a lot of time creating websites and training myself in digital marketing so that I could land a job working as a digital marketer for companies around me.

I applied for several jobs, but no company was willing to employ new workers at that time because of the Covid-19.

I was deperate to start a whole new financial life. So I did the math: If I wanted to become financially independent, I had to increase my income. Then I discovered that most of the wealthiest people in the world share one trait in common: they are all entrepreneurs

So I started buying online courses about digital marketing, blogging, affiliate marketing and following other successful YouTube channels and blogs.

It was when I thought of starting my blog to help any youth hustling on the street or in college the best ways to make money. My early life was tough, so I spent several hours online every day looking for how to make money.

I have been duped by the so-called “Internet Gurus” before, bought many scrap courses, burnt a lot of cash in paid advertising, etc.

And now, guess what? I know the inside out of making money online. So I started my blog – Youths 4 Success, to begin helping anyone who needed my experience in the online space.

Although my goal is to provide value and help my readers get the best information on my blog, I also earn from my content monetizations.

So I started saving 15% of everything I earned from my blog, then 25%, then 40%, and I started investing correctly.

I made every effort to make investments. I also started reading many top books on investment and personal finance. I have read over 100 books on personal finance, investing, and other financial topics in the two years of blogging journey(nearly one per week!).

I keep reading about money and learning new concepts without getting bored. But I’ve also made a lot of financial blunders that have helped me become a better investor today.

In just 2 years, I went from $10 in my Bank account to $1000 monthly from my blog. I now have other 2 successful blogs today, one of which grew 115% in traffic and revenue last year.

I followed this formula: I launched a platform online, gave my audience value, hustled hard, made wise investing decisions, and developed better financial habits.

I’ll soon discuss the most beneficial methods I’ve utilized to make money online and have the freedom to work on the things I’m most passionate about.

Although money can also make you happier, you must understand that life is more than just having money.

On Youths 4 Success, you won’t find any hot stocks, fad funds, or get-rich-quick scams; instead, you’ll find unique ideas, helpful tips, and tested methods that I hope can improve your life and lead to financial success.

Youths 4 Success is my passion, and I’m glad you’re here. I send you my best wishes for success, abundance, tranquility, and joy. I’m happy to see you here!

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