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8 Ways To Burn Belly Fat

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How to lose belly fat?’ It is the eternal question for many, and it turns out that there is a reason why abdominal fat is known as the most stubborn to change. Fat cells that accumulate around the lower abdomen are known as ‘beta fat’ cells, which are very difficult to eliminate.

So if you’ve been exercising regularly and maintaining a balanced diet, but still can’t get rid of abdominal fat. What are you going to do?

Get enough sleep

From moving through social networks to having coffee late at night, there are many ways in which, without knowing it, we stay awake at night. In addition to feeling tired and stunned the next day, we cannot sleep. Recommended 7 to 9 hours each night, affect weight loss

When we lack sleep, our body’s hormones become unbalanced, which can affect the way we get hungry the next day. Ghrelin and Leptin are the two hormones that affect our appetite, and we all have them. Ghrelin level increases when we don’t enough sleep, and it makes us feel more hungrier the next day, and our level of Leptin (the hormone that makes us feel full) decreases. This means that when we are awake, we tend to eat more, but we feel less satisfied. To avoid this imbalance, we should remember to eliminate any distractions that may prevent you from falling asleep. ”

Do the right type of Training.

Just doing abdominal-focused workouts, such as abs, won’t help you eliminate the lump. Belly fat is where your body stores more energy, so you should take a whole-body approach to address it. HIIT training (interval High intensity “is a great way to burn fat and increase your heart rate. Squats, burpees, and tape races are examples to try.

Consume less sugar.

If your diet consists of many sports drinks, sugary drinks like soda and flavored waters, or sugary foods like chocolate and cakes, it will make losing weight more difficult. While whole fruits and vegetables are undoubtedly good for you, they can sometimes You can also gain weight if you overeat since they have high levels of natural sugars, low-fat food options may also have high amounts of added sugar, so be sure to check the food label.

Try to reduce the amount of simple carbohydrates you eat, such as pasta and bread, and substitute for healthier alternatives such as zucchini. It won’t be easy, but by reducing total carbohydrate intake (don’t eradicate carbohydrates completely! ), You will have the best chance to fight your abdominal fat.

Eat more Protein

Protein is excellent for fat loss. It helps develop and preserve lean muscle tissue and can increase the amount of calories you burn. It is also a great source of energy that enables you to feel full longer, so you’re less tempted to eat something. ” Good sources include chicken breast, tuna, eggs, milk, and chickpeas. And if you find it difficult to avoid snacks high in carbohydrates, try replacing them with shakes or protein bars. Remember to also opt for lean protein sources because some sources may be high in saturated fat.

Don’t feel stressed or anxious.

Feeling stressed can wreak havoc on our bodies. It can make our body produce the steroid hormone cortisol, which can make you want sugary foods that provide instant energy and pleasure. Short-term cortisol bursts are necessary to help us deal with the immediate danger, but our body will also release this hormone if we feel stressed or anxious. When our cortisol levels are high for a prolonged period, the amount of fat in the abdomen can increase.

Never expect quick solution.

It is easy to become impatient and frustrated when you try to lose weight and have not yet seen the results. But be realistic: you will not see the effect overnight. The wiring of your brain plays an essential role in resisting changes in lifestyle, and it takes time to establish new habits: up to 12 weeks. Stay with it for at least eight weeks, and you should notice a change.

Follow your progress.

There are some great applications and portable technology devices that make it easier to fulfill your plan. They can help you control your goals, your food intake and the calories burned during exercise. If it’s not an option, write a meal plan and exercise. This will help you achieve your goals and stay focused.

Don’t lose Motivation

One of the hardest parts of losing weight is keeping the lifestyle changes you’ve made. It’s hard to stay motivated all the time, especially if you’ve slipped on the road. But don’t let this affect your ultimate goal.”. If you feel particularly unmotivated, ask a friend to accompany you in your training and then cook something healthy for dinner together.

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