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7 ways to make exercises better for your mental health

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It is an exaggeration this year to say that your emotions are now coming down. For each of us. In many ways.

Exercises have always helped us in our mental health, but this seems to be the case now more than ever.

Since we were doing exercises at home and running away socially, we use some different methods to better improve them for our mental and emotional state.

We are not talking about anything difficult to do; Just a few tweaks here and there you can try it out. These little tricks have helped us, and we think they can help you as well, no matter what feelings you go through.

7 ways to make exercises better for your mental health

1. Assign an intention.

Before each exercise, take a few deep breaths and then determine the intention for what you want to achieve in the exercise. Are there any specific emotions that you feel like triggering? Do you want to take a break from something (or everything)? Are you looking to improve your mood, or want to feel in a certain way, strong or in a state of flux? Find out exactly what you want your exercise to do before you start moving.

2. Visualize the stress that leaves your body.

While you’re training, imagine freeing from stress on the go. This is especially good for running or walking: imagine tension, anxiety, and any other feelings you want to excrete by melting with each step you take.

3. Meditate after your training.

Immediately meditate after going through the above training, but if you are having difficulty sitting for meditation or making meditation a habit, consider making it part of your usual calm. Your Monkey Mind is usually calmer after exercise, and it’s a great way to limit your training to a subtle observation.

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4. Repeat the mantra.

We used to love using the powerful talisman to enhance workouts, but now we like phrases like “let it go,” “it’s safe for me to relax,” and even simple words like “love” to help tackle emotions and stress.

5. Pay attention to your inhale and exhale.

Focus on inhaling what you want most in your life (joy, health, love, for example), then release what you do not want to exhale (such as stress, fear, and anxiety). If you can, visualize what you want to reach your body; And what you do not want to leave your body.

6. Embrace nature.

If you can exercise outside the home and safely away from others, take the next walk or run to your meditation focusing on everything around you. Feel the sun and the wind on your face; See the light hitting the trees and plants near you; Listen to all the surrounding sounds. Try to stay at the best moment possible and see the natural beauty that you can find.

7. Choose your music carefully.

Is there a song that talks about how you feel? Or is there a specific rhythm that seems to match the intensity of your feelings? Play the music that talks about how you feel, regardless of whether it is “training” or not.

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