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10 Small Businesses You Can Start at University With No Money

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Why Small Businesses You Can Start At University? You enjoy campus a lot when you have something in your pocket, and it’s nothing but MONEY. Being a University student, you can not 100% depend on your parents. You have to do something at least to get some money in your pocket. This idea brings the topic “SMALL BUSINESS YOU CAN START AT CAMPUS.”

These small business ideas are the foundation of some big gurus. As a student, you need to try somethings. Some won’t work, but when you don’t give up, one day will be your day. That is why we have compiled some business ideas you can start with no money. So there is nothing to lose.

Business Ideas

Below are some businesses you can start with on-campus with $0.

1. Tutoring

Are you good at a particular subject or skill? You can make money from your specialized subject or skill by teaching your colleagues who face challenges in that subject or skill. You can target your mates, your juniors, or children at High School.

One advantage is that you are not limited to only your locality. You can offer services online; websites like Skillshare and Udemy will let you create and sell your online courses.

2. Event Organizer/Promoter

Are you good at event planning, promoting, or organizing? If you like attending events, such as parties and seminars, and can promote and events to make them beautiful and ends successfully, then you can start promoting events and parties for cash.

3. Delivery and Errand Service

Many people are so busy going to the market and others to being lazy. You can generate some money here by helping these people by buying their stuff for them in exchange for cash. You need to be fast and trustworthy.

4. Freelance Content Writing

If you are good at writing essays or article without any error, then this service is for you. There are many publishers, authors,  bloggers, and businesses out there that need you to write excellent and creative content for them.

You can use freelance and Fiverr to search for clients online.

5. Vlogging

Youtube is the second largest search engine that people are searching for something every day. If you are someone who is not afraid of being in front of a camera, then you can start recording videos and upload them on YouTube. You can monetize your videos when you get more views.

You can pick your niche and start your YouTube Channel now.

6. Graphic Design

If you are good at graphic design and knows how to make posters, business cards, flyers, and other small designs. You can start your Graphic Design business by graphics for other small businesses, student politicians, events planners, etc.

You can improve your skills by watching videos tutorials on YouTube and other tutorial sites.

7. Ushering

As an usher, your jobs are to direct and seat guests at the ceremony. At a more formal celebration, they will escort guests to their seats, offering an arm to female guests (especially those that are arriving alone) and leading male guests or couples to the next available seat (via brides.com).

Just see some event organizers for some connections.

8. Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you assist clients while outside the clients’ office.  A virtual assistant typically operates from a home office but can access the necessary planning documents, such as shared calendars, remotely

You can start your VA business on campus or online at no cost.

9. Cleaning Service

At the beginning of the semester, you can clean people’s hostel rooms for them in exchange for money. When you give a good service and build trust with your clients, they will refer you, and this may lead to hiring others to help you.

10. Stand Up Comedy

If you are a comedian, then this is another Small Businesses You Can Start At University, you can start your service now for some cash.



It is a brilliant idea for a University student to start running their businesses. It has many advantages but makes sure what you do is legal and has undergone the right process. Make sure you assess yourself very well before starting the business. Also, don’t focus entirely on your business by not concentrating on your academics. Finally, we indeed work for money, but at times we must always keep our community and the disabled in mind.

Thank you for reading, and I know you are going to start your business plan. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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